Fly Fishing

8’ to 9’ length fishing rods used with lines between 7 and 10 – 8 and 9 being the most used ones.  

Compatible reels with good brake and at least 100 meters of fly line Backing with 30lbs of strength rate.

Fishing lines: Floating line and intermediate line (sizes between 7 and 9), for various fish species, and sink tips sizes 9 and 10 (for Cachorras [Payara]), all lines proper to warm weather.

Fishing leaders: In most cases, 9’ fluocarbon leaders with tippet for 20, 30 or 40lbs.

Flies: Streamers sized between 6 and 14cm for various species of fish, with hooks sized from 01 to 3/0; and streamers sized between 12 to 18cm, with hooks sized from 2/0 to 3/0 {com montagem articulada} or one hook in the front and one hook behind. Fishing poppers, divers and gurglers are very effective.

We recommend barbless hooks in all cases.

***To supply the eventual lack of suggested and not found items – or to replace those that were lost or damaged while fishing – we keep a shop stocked with baits and lures, hooks, reefs, rods, lines and clothing.