Heavy fishing rods with reel, quick action, used with lines with strength rate between 25 and 50lbs and length between 5’6’’ and 6’6’’.

Good quality reels that fit around 150 meters of monofilament lines with strength rate between 25 and 40lbs or multifilament lines with 50lbs of strength rate.

J type hooks, sized between 5/0 and 8/0, snelled with around 50cm of flexible steel wire and fishing swivel, both with strength rate around 70lbs.

Ideal equipment to the fishing of Capararis, Cacharas (barred sorubim), Jundiás (three-barbeled catfish), Piranambus (lince catfish) and others.

***To supply the eventual lack of suggested and not found items – or to replace those that were lost or damaged while fishing – we keep a shop stocked with baits and lures, hooks, reefs, rods, lines and clothing.